Mission Creek Restoration Initiative

Enriching historical, ecological, and recreational values.


Knowing Where We Are — Baseline Biophysical Inventory

Knowing Where We Are — Baseline Biophysical Inventory

How will we know how far we’ve come unless we know where we started? It’s a common question for just about any endeavour, and one that Mission Creek Restoration Initiative (MCRI) partners first asked themselves several years ago. Now, thanks to data collected during... read more

Phase One Construction Fact Sheet


With Phase-1 construction now complete, we have released a fact sheet outlining the what, why, and how of what was done over the last number of months.

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Mission Creek Video

This has been a labour of love for many of our partners, volunteers, and staff at MCRI. Please watch our short video about the Mission Creek Restoration Initiative and share with your friends and colleagues..


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Mission Creek

Mission Creek is a major water source for Okanagan Lake and plays an import role in the regions history, and is equally important to its future.

Species at Risk

Mission Creek is home to several threatened and endangered species. Restoration of the creek will rehabilitate additional habitat and support recovery of fish, birds, animals, and plants.

Helping Hands

Get involved and lend a helping hand to the Mission Creek Restoration Initiative!